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If Hope Remains Dormant, Freedom Remains Elusive

December 27, 2014


Look at the things we teach our children: that it’s OK to do horrible things – just don’t get caught.

Imagine someone was caught teaching their children it’s acceptable to torture, but not acceptable to talk about it because people would then hate you. That person’s children would be taken away.

However, when the CIA tortures people for nothing more than the suspicion that they MIGHT have done something wrong (according to the “moral” code of the dominant war-machine culture) and corporate media complains about the people bringing up the issue instead of complaining about the torture itself, something is seriously wrong. We’re obviously being conditioned to accept violent, aberrant behavior and to exist in an amoral society.

Is American exceptionalism merely American expressionism? Or American Impressionism? Corporate Media paint pictures of the U.S. that no one else sees. (Of course, you’ll always have your mentally ill dystopian fantasy freaks…

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  1. Thanks for reposting this essay. It got a pretty good reaction thanks to people like you spreading it around. Continue spreading truth in this dysfunctional society of apathetic automatons, it’s much needed. Peace.


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