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Measles vaccinations – Lets have a much needed conversation.

February 3, 2015

It’s interesting to note that many of those politicians who advocated swift and strict (not to mention medically unnecessary or counterproductive) government authoritarian steps in dealing with the ebola outbreak seem to have now switched sides when it comes to vaccinations with regard to the current measles outbreak. Funny how that works.

Aimee Patton

This morning I read an interesting headline about the measles outbreak-

“Measles outbreak is forcing this country to have a much needed conversation about vaccinations.”

I love conversations.  I have them all the time.  In fact, my most recent conversation was whether or not the leather pants that Kim Kardashian wore to the zoo was a wise fashion choice….I say it wasn’t very respectful to the animals.  I’m sure other people may say the animals couldn’t give a damn.  Discuss….

See, that is an example of a much needed conversation.

That leads us to the much needed conversation about measles.  Let’s take a walk down memory lane.Kim K

We had measles in this country.

A vaccination was developed.

People were vaccinated against measles.

We didn’t have measles anymore.

Some false information came out about the dangers of vaccinations.

Some people stopped vaccinating their children against measles and other preventable diseases.


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  1. barkway permalink

    I want you to have that discussion with the parents of a child who was perfectly normal and healthy…UNTIL they got a vaccine. Then discuss who pays for the lifetime costs of that harm.


  2. I’d love to have a conversation about communicable diseases. Before I state my case, let me make it clear that I do not trust, government, corporations or many so-called ‘specialists. I especially despise those on Big Pharmas payroll.

    Why is it people have such a difficult time accepting the fact that communicable diseases were on the decline long before vaccines came into play. Has no-one researched the conditions people lived under at one time?! People lived in tenements with no running water, refrigeration, or toilets. Raw sewage ran in the sewers when it rained. Where did the sewage come from you ask? The dung heaps that littered the neighborhoods., that’s where. Do you not think that disease flourished under these conditions? I’m Canadian and even I know about Typhoid Mary. Plus, after doing research, I know the deplorable conditions she lived under. It was the same across all NA and European cities at one time, unless you were very wealthy.

    How can people discount the Big Pharma whistleblowers? Are ‘all’ these people lying? What about all the lawsuits filed against Big Pharma for injuries and in some cases, premature death? Why did Big Pharma feel it necessary to push the US government into providing legal immunity from lawsuits involving death or injury from vaccines? The legal system in Canada is set up in such a way that it is difficult to sue the medical community for anything. So up here this is a non-issue. How about actual medical doctors who have spoken out about the dangers of vaccines? And the damage they can do. How many of those ‘studies’ that claim vaccines (medication) are safe are funded by Big Pharma themselves? Why are people so quick to believe that a corporation, that has it’s eye on the bottom line ‘all’ the time, has their best interests and that of their children in mind when they release another useless drug. And lastly, why does Big Pharma hire internet shills (trolls) to correct so-called misinformation across social media? If their products were really safe, wouldn’t they sell themselves?

    As for the claim that measles was eradicated in the US in 2000, a quick Google search will show there was an outbreak in Boston in 2006. That’s as far as I got because frankly I don’t believe measles has, or will, ever be completely eradicated.


  3. hipjipc permalink

    Yes. We can discuss my grandson. By the time he was 18 months he was saying the complete alphabet and counting to 10. Not long after he received his shots he stopped saying the alphabet and counting and started to babble. He also started doing waving and shaking motions with his hands. Not long after he was diagnosed as mildly autistic. What needs to be made clear is that just like pharmaceuticals, one person can be completely fine with a drug and another it could harm or kill. To claim that babies and children are not being harmed or dying from vaccinations is moronic and basically defies logic. We don’t do that to those allergic to peanuts or anything else and calling them conspiracy nuts and idiots. Those whose children sailed through unscathed by their vaccinations … good for you and good for your loved ones. But please STOP with this illogical b.s. and the psychological battering of those who saw a drastic change in the development of their child or whose child died after receiving their vaccinations. Because frankly there is more than enough suffering and death being caused by the high functioning sociopaths to have to deal with all their ignorant minions on top of it all. Frankly, I believe those who have suffered little or not at all are most times the most void of empathy and lack basic humanity.


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