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To Defeat Conservatives, You Need To Show They Are Holding Back Economic Prosperity For Average Americans

April 22, 2015

Lean Left

It is very easy for people on the left to poke fun at our conservative brothers.  It seems that almost every day some conservative says something that most rational people would consider inappropriate.  It also is true that almost every day a conservative controlled state passes another law that infringes on the rights of its citizens, all in the name of “liberty.”

There has been a lot of talk about these so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, anti-abortion bills, one state even passed a law that allows for carrying concealed guns without a license!”  Conservatives are continually railing about the “red menace” still threatening our way of life.  They argue the Iran Nuclear Deal is “giving in” to Iran.  They continue to harp that the ACA is bad for your health, although they don’t have any alternative to offer.

Conservatives deny that climate change is real.  There are states like…

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  1. Tony permalink

    To most of those conservatives, the end times began last friday. They’ve been fear frenzied into a frozen state, and the next thing that happens is going to be violence against anything that looks different. How to salvage that into a victory for ALL people is the the very essence of the challenge we face.


  2. Slow hand permalink

    Agreed, people are tone deaf to the issues you listed. Valid and important though they are, something new is needed.

    Income inequity aside, the vector we’ve taken under right wing economics seems to mirror a downward trend in personal liberty across all spectrums


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