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#GunSense – What the NRA and I have in common

June 15, 2015

That’s asking an awful lot of them. But we can dream.

Aimee Patton

Dear NRA,

It’s me again.  I know I’m not your favorite blogger since we didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye back in 2013 (click here to read about that) or ever for that matter , but I just had to reach out.  It turns out we have something in common.

No, I’m not carrying around a lady pistol in my ultra-bedazzeled holster ready to shoot an unsuspecting burglar who wants to break in and steal my rather large and obnoxious  collection of painted wine glasses with sayings like, “without family wine wouldn’t be necessary” or “I am aging like fine wine, complex and fruity.”

What we have in common is our love of denial. I’ve been in denial that my blonde hair is really gray.  Yes, I’m a brunette, but I just thought I was suddenly turning blonde.  Hey, it can happen. You have spent years in denial that the homicide…

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  1. The NRA is a gun lobby but maybe their timid and frightened followers will listen “…looked at Missouri who repealed their permit law in 2007 and the homicide rate is up sharply…”

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