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Sen. Bernie Sanders, I Have Some Suggestions For You by Ralph Nader

August 11, 2015

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  1. Good advice, I believe.


  2. So great that the political conversation is changing because of him. Whoever comes out on top among the Dems, I hope the party doesn’t split giving an opening to the GOP and a right wing Supreme Court and Congress. Scary stuff.

    That is the other bit of advice I would give with regard by Ralph Nader to either Bernie or Hillary. If you are in a swing state where your vote could weaken the Democratic candidate and leave the GOP candidate winning, it’s not worth it. We would have a left-leaning Supreme Court if Al Gore had won.

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    • Thomas Shipman permalink

      The party is already split, Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Claire McCaskill, and Rahm Emanuel made sure to alienate the progressive activist. If Bernie isn’t the Democratic candidate,you can be assured of low voter turnout. The Democratic candidate isn’t as bad as Republicans won’t cut it this time.

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      • Marius M. permalink

        Sadly , Many of us said the same thing in 1968 & 2000 just to name a few. That got us Richard Nixon and George Bush. It got us an unconscionably extended VietNam War, it got us the Iraq & Afghanistan wars. It got us the Patriot Act. It got us an unprecedented expansion of domestic using war protests as an excuse. It brought brutal Republican Policies that deepened the pain of povertythe effect in the 70’s and 2000’s was & continues to be devastating . In 1968 it ushered in DECADES of a Republican SCOTUS , In 2000 it continued the same. Allowing the White House to be stolen by the GOP as well as a Decade and a half of some of the most damaging SCOTUS decisions in US history.. Citizens Untied, the Gutting of the Voting Rights Act just to name a few. The LEFT saying home on Election day in 1968 was a disaster for the Left and Progressive values. Voting for Nader or staying home led to the say thing in 2000. The Obama Presidency Paved the way for Bernie 2016 . Voting for Hillary is far from perfect , but it is FAR BETTER for the People than any other Candidate ; tRump or Gary Johnson or any ( 3rd/4th party) candidate on the left , who would dilute the vote & hand it to tRump. Unfortunately , Bernie can’t win , we can’t take 10 steps forward. Buts US history tells us that over time, the Left wins … often slowly and painfully , but INEXORABLY. Pres. Obama gave us several steps forward .This time with Hillary we can take a few more , Keep SCOTUS out of Republican /Tea Party Control for Generation. Come together and take back the Senate & The House from the Tea/Publicans and take MANY more progressive steps…. and take 4/8 years setting stage for President Warren and real irreversible Progressive Change in 2020 or 2024. US history shows us that Sustained Incremental Steps towards liberal values do happen in the US and are nearly Impossible for the Right to Reverse . Very Fast changes tend to be REVERSED by the RIGHT very quickly . Let’s not Repeat the mistakes of the Left in the Past …. a few steps forward with Hillary now will lead the way to Irreversible …… Permeant Change by 2024.Staying Home in November gives the election to tRump ……. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS …


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