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KY clerk not issuing same sex marriage licenses on “God’s Authority” – God says leave me out of this.

September 2, 2015

Aimee Patton

Dear Ms. Davis,

Holy Same Sex Marriage Drama Sister!  So let me get this straight – you are the queen of the marriage licenses in Kentucky (I’m sure that’s the official title on your business cards) and you are REFUSING to hand out marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
Just as the nation was celebrating a giant step forward in progress with the recent Supreme Court ruling for gay marriage, you were shaking your head saying, “oh hell no.”
Why?  The Bible.
As fast as you could say King James…happy gay couples came seeking marriage licenses from your office.  You refused saying you had it on “God’s Authority” to refuse them.
Oh God’s Authority!  We have something in common.  See I have it on God’s Authority that I don’t have to follow the speed limit.  God feels that the speed limit is too restricting for my personality.  He believes that since…

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  1. Ah yes, a biblical harlot condemns same sex marriage

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  2. This self-righteous county clerk in Kentucky has been ordered to face a federal judge tomorrow who could charge her with contempt of court – a crime punishable by jail time and/or fines. I wonder if God will be her lawyer?

    Apparently, as reported to me by a reader today, this clerk has been married four times and is an admitted adulterer. How hypocritical!

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  3. Charles winter permalink

    I looked upon a Google map of the United States, and, lo, I beheld that the state’s that had allowed same-sex marriage prior to the Supreme Court’s latest decision were all in their regular places. Not one had disappeared from the earth by virtue of earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, nor any other cause.

    If the Almighty is that upset about same-sex marriage, she hasn’t shown it yet.

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  4. King James was gay and a fucking pedophile himself and so is Cesare Borgia who is the image of white Jesus. So what makes Ms. Davis so righteous when the people who authorized the words of the Bible are pedophiles?

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