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Will you vote Democrat “no matter what”?

December 21, 2015

What does one do when there are several candidates on the ballot, but the two worst are the only ones with more than a hope and a prayer of winning?

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This very important Question showed up in my Twitter feed from Daily Kos.

Looking at the addenda immediately below the Question, the wording of this question is heavily front loaded ( but it’s still a valid Question which deserves a much more thoughtful answer than can be offered in 140 charaters.

“Will I vote Democrat regardless of who the party brass appoint as their nominee for POTUS?”
No. My vote is not beholden to any party. I vote based on Facts, Actions of the candidates, and who historically gets served by the candidates. I will look at the current and historical ACTIONS/VOTES of the candidates to determine how I vote. I’ll be damned if I’ll let either party count on my vote “no matter what!” If the Democratic Party doesn’t offer me a candidate who meets those bright line tests then my vote will land elsewhere.
That said…

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  1. I only wish I could vote in the US because whatever you do effects the rest of us so much.

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  2. woody permalink

    I would vote for Anthony Wiener’s penis to stop the republican redneck christian bullshit…

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  3. Yes, I will vote Democrat no matter what unless they become as looney as the Republican Party. Can you image if John McCain would have become President? We would have bombed the entire Middle East and Israel would be included unless every missile was landed perfectly. Nothing ever goes perfectly. There would not have been a financial recovery, just desperation and poverty unless you are the one percent, then you can throw away everyone’s future. It is voters with your attitude that has given us a republican congress and every year a down to the wire budget deadline voting. Thankfully this year is different thanks to John Boehner sacrifice. Never has the US NOT paid its salaries & bills for what we bought except when the republicans had the majority in Congress. It was George W. Bush who took a surplus and piled up debt with an UNNECESSARY WAR with Iraq. Have you forgotten? Or were those good times for you? Never saw the coffins come home at Dover did we? W. And Cheney kept that part hidden.

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  4. I’m a progressive independent who has always consistently voted Democratic. My voting record since 1992 has garnered me the label of “super voter” by political statisticians.

    However, I will not select any candidate for president next year if the only choices are Hillary and the GOP nominee. I realize that a Republican president would be very bad for my country, but I cannot violate my principles and support whom I consider to be a corporatist, status quo politician. Bernie Sanders is correct. The game is rigged, and Clinton has no intention of fixing it.

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  5. This is only a question to help Hillary Clinton! It’s nobodies business who
    I or anybody else votes for! Good Grief! There is still almost a year before elections so I wish these “pollsters”(?) would just calm down!

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  6. suesista permalink

    Very self-righteous. Congrats.

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  7. Yes, my first choice is Democrat Party Agenda Will definitely vote for Bernie in Primary. But as I said Party Agenda is what the goal is so will vote for dem nominee in general election to totally support Bernie as I know he will be voting dem Agenda as this will help him whether he’s POTUS or remain in senate. My vote will be a win win for Bernie all the way he can’t lose with a vote for dem but a no vote or vote for GOP is a strike against Bernie. Why would I penalize Bernie if he doesn’t win nominee?

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  8. No, I wouldn’t vote outside of my party. I have to think not only of the presidential vote, but all of the cabinet, the house, the Senate, the governor’s mayors, etc. Remember, the president doesn’t have carte blanche… There are checks and balances and we have to vote in the best choices over the entire party.

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  9. If your first choice has no hope of winning, then take the lesser of two evils.

    Several years ago votes for Ralph Nader siphoned off enough progressive support to give the election to a conservative who appointed very conservative Supreme Court justices — and now money has been declared speech, turning us even more from a democracy to a plutocracy, women’s reproductive rights are more threatened, and the rights of people of color are more threatened, too.

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