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Bernie Sanders: Democratic Socialist

January 29, 2016

To vote for Bernie Sanders or not? You decide.

Nigel Clarke


Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist.

Should I give you a minute?

When many Americans hear ‘democratic socialist’, all they hear is ‘socialist’, and when they hear ‘socialist’, they hear ‘communist’ (*cue ominous sounding music*).

It is understandable that the word communist should cause some Americans trepidation. For the better part of a century communism represented the nefarious ‘other’ in the lexicon of American propaganda, a mantle now taken up by ‘terrorism’.  But in truth democratic socialism is no more communism than flying an airplane is flying a kite. At its most elemental, democratic socialism is, precisely as the name would suggest, a combination of democratic and socialist mechanisms. In this way it is fundamentally inconsistent with the single party, and totally centralized system of Lenin/Stalin communism. A helpful quote comes from the political theorist Bernard Crick, who said that democratic socialism “struggles against the evils that flow from private…

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  1. Exactly, and I would add that people commonly fail to make the distinction between ECONOMIC systems (e.g. capitalism, socialism, communism), POLITICAL systems (e.g. representative democracy vs totalitarianism), and GOVERNMENTAL systems (e.g. rule of law republicanism vs rule by decree authoritarianism such as monarchy, oligarchy, theocracy, and dictatorship).

    This lack of distinction results in popular erroneous myths such as capitalism being associated with democracy (western monarchies were very capitalistic, and so was fascist Nazi Germany) and socialism being associated with totalitarianism (the Scandinavian nations today are both socialistic and democratic).

    And we wonder why much of the world sees Americans as ignorant.

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  2. Socialism bankrupt Greece.


    • If you are going to make that assertion, explain it in detail. You could not even make the claim in a coherent sentence, so why on earth do you think anyone should believe your economic theories?


      • The deficit is 18 trillion,with the socialist free give away will add another 18 trillion on the deficit.90 million are unemployed,50 million on welfare,millions of college students are living with their parents.Ignorance is a deadly VIRUS.


      • IF a camel sees his HUMP his neck will definitely break.Socialism is the camel.


      • Stephani , please read history and see for yourself how many nations were ruined by socialism.,communism .Look at the poverty in CUBA,Greece , .Corruption is the core of socialism.


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