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Empathizing with Rapists Instead of Victims

June 10, 2016

This behavior is way too common and beyond inexcusable. Blaming the victim is so easy for many these days. It must be called out for what it is and stopped in its tracks.


Brock TurnerBrock Turner

Why do we so often empathize with the privileged even when they commit brutal crimes?

Rape is just “20 minutes of action.” And it’s non-violent.

That’s how the father of convicted rapist, Brock Turner, saw it.

Judge Persky was also blinded to the victim’s pain by the predator’s distress. 

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  1. I hope both father and son come back as women.

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  2. Ruth Lopez permalink

    …and 2 poor Black men just go 20 years for allegedly raping a woman…. White Justice, Black Justice, NO JUSTICE!!!!

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  3. Rape is defined by FEDERAL law and state statute as Assault with Intent to Kill. Women have died from rape, by being beaten, torn, and diseased by their attacker. I should buy a minimum sentence of 40 to life. Call me when you are raped, (not you, Rick) and we’ll see what kind of a lump of raw meat you are left as. I favor the death penalty for all confirmed rapes proven by DNA. I never say this.

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    • “Rape is defined by FEDERAL law and state statute as Assault with Intent to Kill.”

      Where? Not in California, where this Mr. Turner was sentenced.

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      • Brandi permalink

        She stated Federal law. We all know state and federal laws can conflict.


  4. Julie Crow permalink

    If rapist are given mandatory CASTRATION PENALTIES…I bet the game would change, …pronto.


  5. sarah permalink

    dr brian neil talarico north bay suffers from a traumatic brain injury, and seizure disorder especially after he received a massive beating from someone who thought he was making a voice for vulnerable children…. …. dr talarico sexualized many young children… dr talarico covers up his crimes by making malicious false statements and lies under oath… dr talarico is not to be trusted around children. dr talarico especially has an obsession, or sexual preference for younger boys.


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