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Unless You’re Privileged, Trump Spells Disaster

September 16, 2016

Some aspects about Donald Trump not likely to be seen on the nightly news or even the upcoming debates. – RJC


Trump disaster Trump disaster

Even as Trump says he wants to help the working class:

  • He says US wages are too high
  • He’s failed to pay small businesses who did work for him — bankrupting a few
  • The fraudulent Trump University bilked many out of their savings
  • He opened a modeling agency and hired illegal foreign women, then took all of their earnings — following the pimp model of doing business
  • He takes from charities and gives to himself
  • He wants less Wall Street regulation — meaning Main Street will likely bail them out again

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  1. They are both bad news.

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  2. Mimi Stratton permalink

    If you are trying to say they are equal in potential disaster, you are just not paying attention. Clinton’s on record for making public colleges & universities tuition-free, she’s for HeadStart, she’s on record for doubling the number of community health centers in this country, she’s for pay equity for women, and comprehensive immigration reform. Is the other guy for any of that? No, he doesn’t support the middle class at all.


  3. Jay permalink

    “This formulation misconstrues privilege dynamics and misrepresents the identities and considerations of third-party voters and others who refuse to support Clinton, who are far less often White, affluent, heterosexual men than their detractors seem to believe.

    The status quo is serving many people poorly. Proclaiming that, because the alternative is “worse,” everyone must vote for Clinton – a politician who has championed policies that have actively harmed millions of people both here and around the world – is, at its very best, patronizing to those who are currently suffering. It’s a promise of crumbs instead of a meal with the admonition that starving people better be thankful for crumbs, as the other candidate might take even those away.

    This rationale plays on the fears of disadvantaged people and those who care about them in order to perpetuate current power dynamics. Its use is in many ways an expression of the very privilege it critiques.”


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