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Trump – Sad End of White Male Dominance

October 27, 2016

An excellent and timely essay on American politics today by Hal Donahue.


The world is changing. The masses are no longer willing to allow white males to play the game of life, as one woman phrased it, ‘on the easy setting’. The conservative elements of US society are not handling this changing America well. In grade school, we jumped under our little desks practicing for nuclear attack. Ever present were white male leaders being strong. They sent us to wars relying on a compliant population and the draft. The draft was the tipping point.

Serving in the military during the Vietnam and Cold wars, I really expected our male leadership to go out with a huge, nuclear bang. Thankfully, my expectation seems in error. White, male dominance in the US is going out with a whimper, a whine, and screams of rage that the system is rigged and life is not fair. Destroyed by Donald J Trump and his allies.

President Obama…

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  1. Yeah, like how Obama’s presidency “ended racism.” Uh-huh.

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    • If God’s words (spoken in churches and Sunday schools throughout this nation) can’t end racism, what gives you the idea that any human can accomplish that task?

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  2. Thank you for the reblog and kind words

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  3. Yeah, I think Clinton v Trump is a metaphor for receding male dominance and backlash to it.

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