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Hey Dems, don’t say we didn’t warn you because we did

November 10, 2016

Excellent essay by Robert A. Vella highlighting many of the reasons for the debacle that occurred in our most recent Presidential election. We need to remedy this quickly and prevent the threatened GOP rollback of gains made in American society and government in the 20th and 21st Centuries. – RJC

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

In April, this blog explained why Hillary Clinton was the wrong candidate at the worst possible time.  We were correct.  In June, this blog predicted that the presidential electoral map – which has been relatively constant since 1992 – would change in 2016 and that voter turnout would continue to decline (see:  Finding the Shiniest Turd: Why the U.S. Electoral Map will change in 2016).  We were definitely correct on the map, and initial analysis indicates we were also correct on the turnout.  The strategic and tactical blunders committed by the Democratic Party establishment – which enabled a megalomaniac like Donald Trump to win the presidency – are not only inexcusable, but are an affront to the very principles upon which their party was built.  In becoming the political party of corporatism, globalism, and technocracy, initiated by Bill Clinton, Democrats inevitably…

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  1. Thank you, Rick! 🙂

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  2. Jason permalink

    The problem wasn’t the candidate, it was the Bernie Babies that didn’t stay loyal to the party because they didn’t get their way. They are nothing more than a spoiled little children.

    They need to grow the **** up.  They are supposed to be adults, they need to start acting like it.

    I supported Hillary from the start, but you know what if she lost the nomination I would have done the adult thing and backed my party’s candidate regardless of who it was. Adults understand you don’t always get your ****ing way.

    If they pouted and threw a tantrum and stayed home they betrayed their party and nation. THEY elected Trump and are as deplorable as the people who cast votes for him and they sicken me twice as much..


    • There may have been some of that, but I doubt it explains the totality of the fact that overall turnout was several million less than for the 2012 election. Bernie went out of his way to counteract that tendency and campaigned hard for her as well. Clinton cannot escape some of the responsibility for the poor turnout among groups of backers she should have won over more convincingly, at least in my opinion.


  3. Hillary was probably the strongest Candidate in US History! It took years, FBI, Russia, Voter Suppression, GOP, Conservative Media, News Networks, Russia and WikiLeaks to try bring her down!
    But worst of all were ppl from the left who sabotaged the greatest Democrat progressive platform in History because they didn’t get their own way, their selfish spiteful minds couldn’t see the bigger picture as they don’t give a damn about others, that’s why now we’re all f*cked.

    Hillary Clinton beat SenSanders with over 3.8 million+ votes meanwhile Bernie had GOP Wallstreet Superpac’s helping him attack Hillary from the left, now election saboteurs bc they couldn’t get their way inc. force super delegates to switch from Hillary to Bernie, even when he lost the popular vote, are now fooling themselves He could’ve beat Trump!

    Bernie lost Pennsylvania by long mile against Hillary. Bernie was never vetted, Hillary treated him and his dumb followers with kid gloves. Spiteful Selfish BernieBros don’t care about anyone but themselves, now were f*cked and people will suffer!

    GOP tried to get Bernie nominated, if he won the primaries then they would crush him in the Presidential Elections.
    They were ready to brand him a lazy bum who only got his first paycheck at the age of 40, who could be bothered to get a day job but kept bitching about sharing other people’s hard earned money. A perverted paedophile, his wife stole from the Christian Church coffers etc the list just goes on.
    Here is just one example.Too Easy: How Republicans Would Tear Apart an Unvetted Bernie Sanders in the General Election :

    America Rising & American Crossroads, two conservative superpac groups attacked Hillary from the left spent millions helping Bernie. The Right Baits the Left to Turn Against Hillary Clinton: :

    What’s behind Rove’s new anti-Hillary ads in Iowa? Weakening Clinton and reinventing Super PAC American Crossroads:

    Hillary was probably the strongest candidate ever running for office! Don’t call Clinton a weak candidate: it took decades of scheming to beat her. :

    Also let’s not forget, Southern states have closed down at least 868 polling places for the 2016 election:


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