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History – Attention Must Be Paid

November 15, 2016

We must remain vigilant in not allowing the incoming Trump administration to demoralize and bully us into accepting a totally unacceptable future for this country and the world at large. – RJC

Envisioning The American Dream

Vanity Fair cover 1933 July Despondent Sam Illustration by Paolo Garretto We need to take a hard look at history. A Vanity Fair cover from July 1933 showing a despondent Uncle Sam seated on the Western hemisphere with storm clouds above can serve as a somber harbinger for our own times. Illustration by Paolo Garretto

History has never seemed more relevant.

That anti-Semite Steve Bannon who made white nationalism mainstream through Breitbart, is now to be President Elect Donald Trump’s Goebbels…er…Chief Strategist.

This past summer with  the weight of history hanging heavy as the Republicans nominated Donald J. Trump as their candidate for president, historians spoke out as never before.

We didn’t listen then.

We need to listen now.

It’s a post worth repeating, so we don’t repeat history.

It’s Worth Repeating

A dozen distinguished  historians from David McCullough to  Ken Burns have bonded together to create a Facebook page called Historians on Donald Trump, dedicated to educating the voters…

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  1. Thanks for the repost

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  2. I thought I would feel better after the election. I don’t. 😦

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  3. very interesting read


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  5. Oh, it worked this time, but not most times. It seems to depend on which signin page that pops up since it looks like t
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