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The Kansas City Protest #NoBanNoWall

January 30, 2017

Excellent firsthand account by Aimee Patton of the protest in Kansas City against Trump’s recent travel ban aimed at prospective visitors and refugees from some predominantly Muslim countries. Hopefully, this and other protests across the nation will help to halt the xenophobic and Islamophobic hatred which helped propel Donald Trump to the Oval Office last fall. – rjc

Aimee Patton

What would have been another lazy Sunday afternoon, was far from it when I gathered with hundreds of others at Kansas City International Airport to protest against President Trump’s Executive Order barring people from seven Muslim countries for the next 90 days.

Our airport is far from a flourishing international airport.  Most of the international flights are headed to Mexico or Canada, but that didn’t stop this crowd from assembling at our small terminal to send a message.  This ban is wrong. Refugees are welcome in our city.  Kansas City is a friendly and welcoming place for all who are peaceful to settle.  My America doesn’t ban groups of people based on religion.  We don’t favor one religion over another.  My America doesn’t turn our backs on refugees in crisis.  We did once and the consequences were disastrous.  We learn from our mistakes.  Regardless of what President Trump says, I…

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