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Trump: A Blessing in Disguise for Activists? | PROGRESSIVE DEN

February 8, 2017

Could a Trump presidency actually be a blessing in disguise for activism? In the short span he has been in office, there has been a spike in protests throughout the country with the women’s march the day after Trump’s inauguration being of historical proportions. Hillary in office would have continued the “sleight of hand” approach promising “incremental” change so she could continue using the same warmongering, pay to play policies that have been handed down throughout our government and making them rich for far too long. Our citizens are beginning to realize that both parties have the same central goal: to line their pockets with as much as they can. We now have people from all ideologies coming to the realization that our government no longer represents us, they represent whichever corporation that buys them. Trump and Hillary are actually far more alike than people realize, the big difference between them is that Trump hasn’t been in the political game long and doesn’t know all the

Source: Trump: A Blessing in Disguise for Activists? | PROGRESSIVE DEN

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  1. Gayle Hayes permalink

    Did you write this?


  2. I absolutely agree with this perspective. It’s really great to see activists out in the street again. Obama killed both the antiwar and the anti-globalization movement as many progressives were unwilling to protest against the first black president – for fear of being construed as racist.

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  3. There is a bright side to every season Rick. As we are dealing with the depth of winter we know the snow always melts in the spring.

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  4. All are created equal upon Earth.

    Every crime is an unequal.

    Animals are our Family.

    All are created equal.


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