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Unfair For Men To Subsidize Maternity Costs?

March 15, 2017

Just when it seems we may have seen the extremes to which the political right will take its interminable War on Women, some duly elected “representative” chimes in with another attack. Often, as in this most recent case, the issue deals with women’s reproductive health care. These people need to be held accountable for this nonsense early and often – at the ballot box, town halls and any other opportunity that presents itself. – rjc


Men help make babies, shouldn’t they contribute to making sure that their babies are healthy?

Some Republicans say it’s unfair for men to subsidize women’s maternity insurance since only women use it.


Is it fair that men’s contribution to making babies is a pleasurable orgasm, and that women’s contribution only begins with an orgasm — if she’s lucky (just 30% of US women always climax).

After maybe having an orgasm women end up with all the burden, varying from discomfort to possibly dying in childbirth.

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  1. Society benefits when the mother is able to be with her newborn.

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  2. Republicans = social conservatism = Christian fundamentalism = paternalism = authoritarianism

    In this belief system, women are subordinate.

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  3. Thanks for reblogging!


  4. MalsDoxy permalink

    because of course, women get pregnant through immaculate conception, there is NO ONE else involved- these so-called men that think this way are poster-boys for forced sterilization, gosh this is pathetic!!


  5. S Dubon permalink

    I suppose these men think they were delivered by a stork. Has no one explained to them that others paid it forward so they could be here?


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