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A Wall To Keep Them Out? Or Hold Us In?

April 14, 2017

Despite the appearance that Bannon may be losing clout in the White House and the fact that Trump seems to be flip-flopping on a number of issues, this article does an excellent job of framing many of the issues of concern for many in dealing with this administration.


Trump and Bannon. Populists? Or dictator wannabes?

I voted for Clinton but when Trump won I thought, “At least he’s a populist” and hoped he would at least help working people.

But over time I’ve worried more and more since he is looking pretty UNpopulist:

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  1. I won’t bother to read this article, Rick When a writer starts out ” I voted for Clinton but when Trump won I thought, “At least he’s a populist” and hoped he would at least help working people” that shows me that person has no intelligent political thought worth reading. In this case, she displayed that she has no informed opinions but just shallow impressions of Clinton and Trump, garnered by the images she was spoonfed by the corporate media and the two campaigns. Trump was considered a populist by people who had no idea of what true populism is. It has never been an infantile, mindless, egocentric, narcissist mouthing populist platitudes. And I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton. I’ll grant she has a bit more intelligence and maturity than Trump.

    When it comes to reading political opinion articles, I’ll stick with writers who know what they’re talking about.

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  2. Ha ha Farlefty! Thanks for reblogging Rick!

    And Farlefty — if you want to persuade people like Trump voters, you can’t start by acting like they’re idiots. I’ve actually been successful at getting several Trump voters to see things in new ways — including Trump voters who read my blog and people on Facebook. The first step is trying to get them to see that you aren’t against them. Align with them on where you agree — wanting better wages for workers.

    In other posts, before the election, I made clear I never thought he’d follow through on his promises. Like this (But see how the title is not anti-trump?) Why Would My Friends Vote Trump?

    I’m not interested in just preaching to the choir — but reaching out to those who see things differently.


    • Broadblogs, you’re a cleverer debater than I. I’ve done my time in the trenches fighting not only Trumpsters and teabaggies but Hillarybots as well. Didn’t change one mind. Trumpsters and teabaggies are ruled by their ideology and not by any intelligence known to the universe. Hillarybots were just all ideology which fooled their minds into thinking they were being intelligent. So I just deal with right wing and faux Democratic idiots who challenge one of my blog posts or posts on Facebook. They’re very easy to insult and dispatch–which is a cheap but unfulfilling victory because the discussion is always all heat and no light.


  3. See this TED Talk: “Why I left the Westboro Baptist Church”


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