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How Democrats could’ve preempted Trump’s sabotage of Obamacare

October 23, 2017

Excellent analysis of the effects of not including the Public Option when passing the Affordable Care Act. At this point, it appears more important than ever to push for single-payer, universal coverage health care, as opposed to what the GOP and our illustrious President appear determined to thrust upon us through legislation and/or executive order. – RJC

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

In 2009, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman – an independent who caucused with the Democrats – threatened to filibuster President Obama’s Affordable Care Act bill if it included a public insurance option as passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.  Since the procedural vote count to override a filibuster in the U.S. Senate appeared very close, Democratic leaders decided to remove that provision to appease the renegade politician.

The legislation was finally approved by a vote of 60-39 with one senator abstaining.  After Republicans won a stunning and overwhelming victory in the 2010 midterm elections, they have continually attempted to undermine and repeal Obamacare using every available tactic.  Now, with President Trump’s executive order, the serious ramifications of the Democrats’ failure to pass a public option back then are plainly obvious.

Had Obama and Democratic leaders vigorously pushed for a public option, which they certainly didn’t, it…

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  1. Obama’s own staff–especially Rahm Emanuel opposed the ACA for a long time. The public insurance option was never even seriously considered. The ACA was always the same plan created by the Koch’s Heritage Foundation, and adapted and adopted by Mitt Romney’s admin when he was guv of MA. Obama hired Mitt’s guy who was the main architect, which is really why the Repugs voted for it out of political expediency. They voted for it knowing they would oppose it afterwards, playing both sides against the middle.

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