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The History and Context of the Second Amendment

November 15, 2017

Reblog of an excellent blog post by A Point of Contention which gives historical perspective to the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America – long a topic for often extremely contentious debate. Useful in evaluating proposals for gun control or lack thereof. H/T to Robert A. Vella. – RJC

A Point of Contention

Of Guns, Armies, and Slaves

Today I want to talk about the second amendment. Not gun control in general mind you, but specifically the Second Amendment, it’s history and it’s context. The Second Amendment is frequently invoked in Gun Control debates and I feel that it’s almost a hollow mantra, a slogan, something people say reflexively but lacking the kind of well rounded historically grounded understanding that something like that, I believe, merits. 

So the main question I am setting out to answer today, really the only question, is “Why is the Second Amendment in the Constitution?” We have a good understanding of causes and grievances that drove most of the rest of the items in the Bill of Rights to be placed there. The Old World had been full of State Religions and heavy censorship of the press, so the First Amendment addressed those concerns. England had made…

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  1. Guns were put there to defend the national Congress not for citizens to get a machine gun
    and shoot his own people just because he is having a bad day, Citizens with no money should
    be given a free travel pass so as to travel to where the work is, also pensioners.


  2. Congress, make it so.


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