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Why don’t they call white male mass shooters “terrorists”?

November 21, 2017

The author of this essay is absolutely correct. The sophistry that allows people like our current President to only call an act “terrorism” if it is not perpetrated by a white male US citizen is nothing but hogwash. Mass shootings of strangers are acts of terrorism, plain and simple. Excusing them by labeling them as resulting from mental illness or something else neither negates the fact that they do result in fear on our part nor make preventing like acts to occur in the future any less egregious or urgent. The recent attacks in Las Vegas and Texas are no less terrorist attacks than the New York attack on bikers with a truck. Bombings conducted by radical so-called “pro-life” extremists are not different in degree or kind from the Boston Marathon bombing. The distinction is one that merely feeds off and encourages further bigotry and does nothing to solve the underlying problems creating the phenomenon to begin with. – RJC

The Chatty Introvert

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I am so sick of this crap.

I’m sick of these killings.

I’m sick of these “woe is me” stories of a guy who can’t hack it and says “screw the world, I’m taking you all down with me.”

I’m tired of white men (NOT BOYS, DAMMIT!) who haven’t figured out that sitting on your ass and being a white male isn’t going to get you very far anymore, be it job related or dating related.

And I’m really sick of the media and government not calling it like it is. I’m tired of them not calling these white male shooters “terrorists.”

I think its a simple formula: if your object is to maim or kill complete strangers that mean nothing to you and have never personally wronged you, because of some supposed belief you hold (whether nurtured, cultural, religious, etc.) and you find a way to…

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