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No Moore, Roy

November 23, 2017

The people of the state of Alabama deserve better than for the likes of a homophobic pedophile like Roy Moore to represent them in the US Senate. That Moore is not fit to hold that position was eminently true even before the recent revelations and accusations regarding his alleged sexual harassment/assault were brought to light by multiple women/girls ( one of whom was only 14 years old at the time of the occurrence).

Many high-ranking GOP elected officials came to agree with this assessment after the publicity surrounding the alleged unacceptable behavior began with a thoroughly researched article published in that bastion of establishment print journalism – the Washington Post. But even before that, establishment Republicans were wary of supporting Moore in the GOP primary. Many endorsed Luther Strange, who had been appointed to sit in the open Senate seat until the special election to replace Jeff Sessions after his confirmation as President Trump’s Attorney General could be scheduled. Even President Trump himself (hardly a bastion of establishment Republican politics) endorsed Strange over Moore in the primary.

Moore’s political leanings prior to these more recent allegations of sexual impropriety had gotten him in trouble in the past on at least two occasions – once for refusing to take down a Ten Commandments display at a government courthouse (ever hear of separation of church and state?) and again when he refused to comply with the US Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage nationwide. Since he was elected and was serving in the position of Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court at the time, he was removed from the post prior to deciding to run for the senate seat. After winning the primary election, support for Moore in the general election from all segments of the GOP was forthcoming – until the sexual allegations came to light.

An ostensibly staunch evangelical conservative politician in the heart of the Bible Belt could apparently survive losing his elected judicial position for sticking to his moral values – at least enough so that he could win a hotly contended primary race to fill an important US Senate seat, but the added allegations of sexual improprieties were too much for many mainstream GOP officials to swallow. Calls for Moore to drop out of the race and withdrawal of financial support from national GOP organizations which would normally provide campaign contributions have been met with refusal by the candidate to buckle under to the pressure and his continual refusal to admit to any wrongdoing whatsoever.

This brings us to the position being staked out by the alleged leader of the National GOP – President Donald J.Trump. Since the commotion stirred up by the release of the Access Hollywood tape made public shortly before last year’s Presidential contest, many consider Trump to be perhaps one of the least qualified politicians in the country to sit in judgment of Moore’s moral character.  On that tape, Trump was was heard to utter opinions on how women should be treated that resulted in massive protests upon his eventual victory in the Presidential contest and inauguration. Trump acted much as Moore has – stonewalling against calls for him to abandon the race and denying any wrongdoing. He was still successful in winning the Presidency, despite the nature of his comments, his admissions and the coming forth of even more accusers than have come forward regarding Moore.

Trump’s wiggle-waggle, fence-sitting nonsensical statement excusing his refusal to condemn Moore’s candidacy based on the fact that Moore is denying the charges (which can’t be prosecuted in any case due to statute of limitations and he-said she-said nature of the claims) and Trump thinks Moore in the Senate makes passage of his misguided tax cut bill easier to accomplish. This is nothing other than an ass backwards endorsement of Moore in the upcoming general election. Trump has publicly endorsed the homophobic, forced-birth and misogynistic evangelical strains of Moore’s politics to gain the votes of much of his base. To disavow Moore on the basis of these other accusations would be hypocritical in the extreme.

Many powerful men in the entertainment, news media and other industries have likewise faced damaging accusations in recent days. Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly and myriad others have had their reputations, careers and bank accounts devastated by a long-overdue exposure of the corrupt exercise of the power they have been allowed to wield against women. This is another example of unacceptable treatment of women by men that has finally. This culture is not limited to members of any one political party or type of business endeavor. It is widespread and needs to stop. It should be excused for no one.

For Alabama to elect Roy Moore to replace Jeff Sessions would be a big mistake. That President Trump is ready willing and able to help him get elected in order to pass a monstrous tax cut to further exacerbate economic inequality and decimate the social safety net in the process would be for one person unfit to serve in the office to which he was “elected” to enable a similarly unfit to take a seat in the Senate. This sort of mistake risks too much for the rest of us and the country as a whole. Granted, the next election would be difficult for the Democrats to retain that seat, but keeping Moore out of it entirely would be best. GOP arguments that he would be expelled for the Senate are not very credible at this point. He doesn’t need a national stage to further his agenda of intolerance and hate. We cannot afford him sitting in the US Senate.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree that Moore is a truly despicable human being who is manifestly unfit for any political or judicial office. However, the GOP establishment considers him as a pariah and does not want him in the U.S. Senate. Furthermore, Trump backed Mitch McConnell’s pick for that seat (Luther Strange) whom Moore recently defeated. Although Alabama is obviously very conservative, political analysts see Democratic opponent Doug Jones as having a better chance against Moore.

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  3. Dreamer9177 permalink

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  4. Margie G. Martinez permalink

    Roy Moore won’t change his ways! The minute he gets in the Senate he will eventually hit on some young woman staffer. He is a long time predator who knows the Law and how to get away with his indiscretions. He is a dangerous man and should not be in any position of power!

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