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FAILED: Foreign Policy As We Know It by David Swanson

November 30, 2017

via FAILED: Foreign Policy as We Know It by David Swanson

When we have a President who appears determined to precipitate or taunt a major conflict between the United States and North Korea and/or Iran which is likely to include usage of nuclear weapons and/or other weapons of mass destruction resulting in casualties potentially dwarfing those of World War Two, this country is in need of a much more active antiwar movement than we have seen in recent years. It is apparent that Congress intends to continue abrogating its Constitutional duties when it comes to declaring war and serving as a check and balance on the Executive in this regard barring a massive upsurge in public dismay and disgust over our country participating in such a war – let alone starting one (which I think no one considers beyond the realm of possibility when dealing with Donald Trump or his North Korean counterpart).  – RJC


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  1. America has embraced war because only the poor pay. The wealthy and middle class get to feel strong and macho. The highest patriotism in this nation today lies in those seeking peace and condemning saber rattling

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  2. I don’t think the average person is worried enough about the fallout (fiurative or literal) from this showdown. I’m not sure what North Korea is doing,exactly, but it seems like if ANYTHING happens between us and them, South Korea could end up in a very bad place.

    If ever there was a time for an anti-war movement, now is it.

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