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We are at war. What do we do now?

December 2, 2017

Excellent post by Lucky Otters Haven regarding the implications that recent efforts by Congress and the Trump Administration entail for the vast majority of Americans. Passage of the Senate “Tax Reform” bill ( which addresses many issues in addition to the regressive giveaways to the ultra wealthy and large corporations) indicate that the wholesale stealing of our government by the moneyed interests is accelerating. Just as when we fought back against attacks to steal our gains in health care earlier this year, we need to do likewise as the year ends by making sure the conferees do not send anything remotely like either the House or Senate version of this monstrosity gets passed by both bodies and sent to the President for his signature. – RJC

Lucky Otters Haven


So.  The oligarchs got their wish last night, under cover of darkness.  In secrecy and total lack of transparency, they passed a tax bill that robs the poor and middle class to further enrich the 1% and the corporations.  An almost 500-page document with scribbled handwritten notes was presented to them hours before they had to vote.  This is a terrible way to govern.  It is the way things are done in third world dictatorships.

Not only is this bill, should it become law, going to gut the middle class and cause many of them to fall into poverty, it robs the most vulnerable members of society of healthcare (by repealing the ACA mandate), sneaks in a “fetal personhood” law, and gives huge tax breaks for things like private jets and vacation homes, but takes away the child tax credit for average families and the ability of teachers to deduct…

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  1. Linda McClean permalink

    Can a Democratic Administration revoke this bill?
    Can a Democratic Congress undo any of the damage ?

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    • Sure. You need both to exist first, but Administration and Congressional changes are what got us here in the first place. All we need to do is figure out how to make it happen before too much damage is done.


  2. Donna D Vandyke permalink

    I was horrified to find out that Hillsdale College was on the Devos donor list. It’s unbelievable that the Sec of Ed is given a place in the taxscam bill. That her family can donate to an extremely expensive, conservative, private school and be rewarded for it is unconscionable. It also enforces her ideological privatization agenda.
    We are being screwed without even a kiss, while admin cronies are being enriched for it.
    You are correct in that WE are at war. BUT, my solace lies in that WE are the majority, the voice that grows everyday.


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