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Ben Cohen Of Ben and Jerry’s / Explains US Economy With Oreo Cookie

January 5, 2018

Excellent essay reblogged from Gronda Morin  that lays out some of the facts regarding our economy, taxing and spending used by our government to create the enormous economic inequality faced by the populace in this nature. Contradicts the constant narrative of the right wing politicians who successfully passed the most recent “tax reform” signed by President Trump in December 2017. Those hoping to retake our government from those determined to improve the lot of the wealthiest among us – both in terms of individual wealth and corporate profits – while making life more difficult for the rest of humanity need to start effectively spreading this message.

Life in this country, and the world as a whole, does not need to remain so divisive and based on such enormous economic inequality. We need to pay less attention to the lies spread by the powerful in order to keep us from seeing that we have much more in common with each other than we do with them. Common sense, math, accurate assessment of where all the wealth is going, who creates it and how it gets stolen to benefit the few requires stopping the incessant blaming of the victims and turning the tables on the true perpetrators of the inexcusable inequality we see before us now.

The inequality of income, wealth and opportunity is a construct forced upon us, not a natural outgrowth of personal characteristics by virtue of birth or “laziness”. Continuing to let government to coddle the wealthy while ignoring the effects of ignoring, or purposely oppressing the less privileged and thwarting any attempts they make at improving their individual or class interests will only make matters worse in the long run. We need to replace these representatives with people who better identify and seek to bring about governmental change to improve all our lives while simultaneously treating the planet in a manner more conducive to the long term interests of humankind and nature as a whole. – RJC

Gronda Morin

Listen to this video to get a real picture of the US economy. It is no wonder that so many peoples are so angry about their economic situation that they were willing to take a chance by voting for an outsider like Donald  Trump to become the US president in 2016. They felt they had nothing to lose.

This video also explains why conservative republicans are hard at work to create an alternative reality based on “fake news” because they wouldn’t dare share a dose of reality with the average Joe workers. Instead they provide the incentive for hard working Americans to blame “the other” by filling in the blank with names like illegal immigrants for us to use to explain our less than rosy economic conditions.

I recently saw a tweet where the author admitted to being White and unemployed. I responded that I empathized, but reminded him that…

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