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Calling Il Trumpe’s Bluff

February 5, 2018

Reblog of a post by Mike the Mad Biologist on what Congressional Democrats should be willing to concede in order to avoid another government shutdown come Friday. Makes sense to me (otherwise it wouldn’t make sense for me to post it, right?).

Mike the Mad Biologist

Regarding the possibility of another government shutdown, we’ll outsource this to BooMan (boldface mine):

As for the Dreamers, as much as I’m concerned for them, it’s not a good idea to pay a ransom for them. Trump has set this up as a way to fundamentally alter our entire immigration system in a very unfair and racist way, and that’s not a trade worth making for hostages that the GOP does not want to deport en masse while television cameras capture the indefensibly sad and outrageous stories. A bluff must be called here. I hate to say it, but it’s the right thing to do in these circumstances.

So, if that means a shut down, that’s fine with me. And if that means the DACA protections lapse, that’s a price the Democrats have to be willing to pay. It’s right on the politics and it’s right on the merits.

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