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Compare US mass shootings and gun control to Germany, China, Russia, Switzerland and Australia — Quartz

February 25, 2018

The title of this reblog from Quartz speaks for itself. Why does the US refuse to accept proven solutions to mass shootings enacted by other countries? Even if we don’t want to emulate the governments of Russia and China, what of the others? The NRA and gun manufacturers have way too much sway in our politics as well as increasingly so in our everyday lives. – RJC


Source: Compare US mass shootings and gun control to Germany, China, Russia, Switzerland and Australia — Quartz

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  1. It makes perfectly good sense. No wonder the NRA hates it! Here’s another vet who’s not gun-phobic, I just want the NRA to stop obstructing every attempt to enact common-sense gun measures. I am NOT saying these hoped for changes would make us “safe” as complete safety is a pipe dream. But measures just to bring the risk lower, down to where we don’t have kids shot up in a couple of schools EVERY WEEK that school’s in session. The NRA needs to get out of the way!

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  2. Margie G. Martinez permalink

    Since when does a private organization tell the U.S. Government who should or shouldn’t own weapon(s) which kill U.S. Citizens and other human beings? NRA has been doing this by paying Politicians and other Companies to convince the general Public it is for our own protection? Since when do Gun rights supercede the Right to LIVE? It is way over due – Evolution. USA must evolve and stop all Weapons of mass destruction.

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  3. Tanya Wagner permalink

    I wrote precisely the identical opinion to my congressman and posted on FB. Good for you to make us look at our killing-machine obsession with some degree of rationality. Are we so myopic we can’t see the proven way to mitigate this horrible condition in which we find ourselves?. Truth is, more weapons of war available to public = more killings…proven over and over by saner nations.

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