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Cold War Redux

March 1, 2018

When I saw that Putin had pulled a Trump and bragged about his new and improved nuclear weaponry, I knew that we were now going to face yet another round of nuclear arms race with Russia that will no doubt dwarf the tiff Trump has been having with North Korea. Yet another excuse to ramp up our already bloated Pentagon budget.

Can’t wait to hear what our trigger-happy President has to say about the size of his nuclear button now. Will he decide to continue ignoring Putin’s authoritarianism and treating him as a “friend” (or at least not a threat) as opposed to his expressed belligerence towards North Korea and Iran?

Congress needs to stop refusing to do its Constitutional duty and keep our imperial President accountable on military matters before things spin out of control all over again (or should I say still?). – RJC

Envisioning The American Dream

Collage of appropriated images Sally Edelstein "Supersizing the Superpower"

Are we off on the cold war arms race again?

As the supersizing of the superpowers begins anew, let the nuclear sabre rattling begin .

With Putin boasting about his powerful invincible nuclear weapons and Trump wanting to ramp up America’s nuclear arsenal for fear we’ve fallen behind, this nuclear arsenal ambition is déjà vu. all over again.

The big chill of the cold war seems a bit too close for comfort.

Supersizing the Superpower

For those of us who grew up during the 1950’s and 1960’s the cold war culture of  an arms race  was a subtext of our lives. It was a time when most Americans assumed the Unites States and the Soviets stood continually on the brink of nuclear war.

With the threat of  nuclear attack breathing down our necks, and our misguided fear of a gaping missile gap, we needed to build up our arsenal of…

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  1. How about dealing with the substance of Putin’s speech instead of making it seem like he was merely boasting about new weaponry and threatening the United States. “our weapons are developed in response to the one sided withdraw of the US from the ABM treaty (1972) and the implementation of those systems both on the territory of the US and outside their national boundaries” Is it any surprise that with NATO’s eastward expansion and the location of these ABM systems that Putin should want to assure his people that Russia has developed deterrents? After all, he begins by discussing the concern over the new US nuclear strategy, in which they are lowering the bar for the permissible use of such weapons, including cyber warfare. At a time when Russia has been accused of meddling in US elections and colluding with Trump, when no direct evidence has been shown to lend credibility to such claims, I’d say this is overall a warning and a response to US aggression.


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