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Let’s Be Honest. Anti-Abortion Doesn’t Make You Pro-Life | Crooks and Liars

May 10, 2018

Excellent essay by Ramona Grigg on the difference between being anti-abortion and being truly pro-life. Being pro-birth is a fairly easy distinction that leaves out consideration of many important aspects to an extremely complex issue overall. Being pro-life does not end with the birth of an infant, but also addresses issues that only begin at that point. – RJC


If you force a woman to bear a child she doesn’t want, it should be on you to insure health, wealth, and happiness to both. The real sin is in turning your back on her once your interference brings about the outcome you were hoping for.

Source: Let’s Be Honest. Anti-Abortion Doesn’t Make You Pro-Life | Crooks and Liars

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  1. This is perhaps the most important point there is. I always say pro choice and anti choice because of course believing that the right to abortions is important doesn’t make you against life. And yes, it’s hard to understand why embryos are so important to these people yet as soon as the baby is born they turn their back and offer no support. Such ignorance. So thanks for high lighting such an important part of the issue that often gets left unsaid.

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  2. I’ve stayed out of it other than simply saying I’m pro choice though largely ignorant on the issue. And I’m a Christian who believes in the sanctity of life. But boy this is some complicated shit. So for someone to try and make a hard and fast rule about what is acceptable for another person to do with their life and body is some ‘ol bull shit.


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