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The People Made the First New Deal. Can the People Make Another?

May 12, 2018

Thoughts to ponder going forward towards the midterm election this November and onward to 2020. Surely Trump can be defeated by a genuine grassroots progressive movement nationwide exposing his rhetoric for the false choices and fraudulent promises it presents. – RJC

Be Freedom

WV-TeachersStrike-ap-imgMassive Protest and Organizing Created the New Deal

The kind of electoral victories we need will take far more than standard electioneering and Facebook debates.  Let’s look at what it took to create the New Deal so we can see just how challenging the task ahead is. During the Great Depression massive organizing efforts and protest movements were necessary just to reform the two-party system. New Deal history strongly suggests that the current dementer v. demexit debate is largely a waste of time until we organize movements powerful enough to upset the existing order.

In our memory Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the standard bearer of the New Deal but it did not start that way.  FDR was a reluctant reformer pushed into progressive action because millions of people were willing to experiment with radical solutions.

Mass movements, third parties and revolutionary parties, labor upheaval, agrarian unrest, powerful populists, discontented veterans, and Democratic congressmen

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  1. Thank you for re-posting the article Rick. This is where the social media can be used for the good of the people. It’s only one of many places to post community meetings on a local basis. It begins when one person takes one step forward.

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  2. Thank you, Rick.

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  3. Re-posted this on twitter again. Can never be enough posted about what shape our country is in right now.

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