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In Today’s Struggle for Principle with Trump there Will be No Republican Stephen A. Douglas

June 15, 2018

As time passes and the only Congressional GOP opposition to the Trump Administration continues to come from folks who have decided to walk away from Washington politics, this looks increasingly likely. That will mean the midterm elections in November and the 2020 campaign may be the only chances American people have to rid ourselves of the continuing destruction of democracy he represents – barring, of course, surprise revelations which may arise from the Mueller investigation. – RJC

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Stephen A. Douglas

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

As I watch President Trump’s administration attack the law, the Constitution, and violate the civil rights and human rights of citizens as well as people who have come to the United States to flee oppression and danger at home; to threaten freedom of speech and freedom of the press; to categorize political opponents inside and outside of his party as traitors; to legitimize the most repressive dictatorial regimes while attacking longstanding allies; even as he works to destroy the work of American Presidents and diplomats to build a world order that has brought great benefit to the United States and the world by defeating the Nazis, Imperial Japan, and eventually the Soviet Union. He has chosen the choice of being a rogue superpower rather than being the moderating and stabilizing force in the world that it has played since World War Two…

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  1. It’s a powerful editorial.

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  2. Great article he should send to Truthdig and other online media. Thanks friend

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