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Unmasking the GOP as the Party of Negligent Homicide

June 24, 2018

Watching what Donald Trump and the GOP Congress (along with so many GOP governors and GOP-dominated state legislatures) have been doing of late certainly makes a good case for the appropriateness of the title of this article by Nicholas Powers. From the attacks on the ACA, to the tax law passed last year, to the current immigration/child stealing/anti-refugee & anti-immigration legislative and executive order barrage, ineffective as it has been at times, the general direction is to punish people for being poor rather than helping them when they are in need.

An all out electoral surge to purge our government of the forces favoring the satisfaction of the wanton greed of the few over the alleviation of suffering and strife for the many needs to take place this November. We can’t afford to wait for the Presidential election of 2020 to start reclaiming our government from the man who is currently gleefully going about the business of Making America Hate Again.

Trump’s erratic foreign policy, domestic policy of further enriching the wealthy at the expense primarily of the working poor and what remains of the middle class and the removing of environmental and labor regulations designed to improve life for all of us (as well as helping the earth remain a livable planet) need to stop immediately. The GOP Congress proves everyday that it is either unwilling or unable to do anything to halt Trump’s recklessness or even tone down his vehement rhetoric when discussing foreigners seeking refuge here or even longtime foreign allies whom he berates as often as he hails the exploits of totalitarian dictators.

Keep all of this in mind as you prepare to vote for US Senate and House Representatives, as well as state and local officials, this November. Our future lives and the future well-being of humanity as a whole may well depend on the results. We can’t afford a repeat of 2016. – RJC


Austerity policies kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.

Source: Unmasking the GOP as the Party of Negligent Homicide

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  1. As you know Rick I am not a fan of Trump. The trade wars started in 2014 when Obama put massive sanctions on Russia. Today Harley-Davidson announced they will manufacture 400,000 bikes outside the US. It’s difficult to keep up with the increase in tariffs and sanctions as countries and corporations find ways to by-pass them.

    Found this from Philosophical Terminology: A plutocracy is a self-reinforcing system. That is, once a group of wealthy people are in charge, they can use their wealth and political power to change the rules, laws and systems, to make sure they only get more wealth and power, never less.

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