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I Married a Refugee

June 25, 2018

An excellent blog post from Envisioning the American Dream which puts the current Trump/GOP immigration/splitting up families mess into historic perspective. Needless to say, the response to Displaced Persons following World War II left much to be desired, but need we relive the mistakes of that era today? – RJC

Envisioning The American Dream

Vintage photo Displaced Persons germany 1947 After WWII, my future husband and his family of Holocaust survivors lingered in an overcrowded Displaced Persons Camp in Germany waiting for a country that would accept them as politicians and a fear mongering media debated the loyalty of Eastern Europeans and the fear of Communist infiltration. My 2-year-old husband to-be in a DP Camp 1947 photo: family collection

I married a refugee who as a little boy was perceived as a threat to Cold War America and not as a survivor of the Holocaust.

While my childhood was a sugar frosted world of frost-free fun living out the post war suburban dream, my husband would spend the first four years of his life in a displaced persons camp, while Congress bickered unwilling to change existing restrictive immigration laws that severely limited the number of Eastern European allowed.

Was he any more of a threat to our country than a…

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