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Where Are The Girls? The Small Children? The Babies?

June 25, 2018

Another excellent post from BroadBlogs which raises questions pertaining to the treatment of asylum seekers from Central America and the cruel treatment of both the parents and the children they seek to bring to safety from very real threats of harm they faced in their home countries. The splitting up of families which Trump Administration immigration/refugee policy caused has resulted in a human rights catastrophe of enormous proportions. Questions about the treatment of the children forcibly removed from the custody of their parents remain to be answered – as well as does the procedures that need to be taken to ensure reunification of these families. Why has this policy been allowed to stray so far from what most of us consider to be basic common sense when it comes to dealing with such a humanitarian crisis? – RJC


Tough Guise

Donald Trump’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents after crossing into the United States has left people worried about the health and well-being of those kids.

We have now seen pictures of older boys. But where are the girls? Where are the tender-aged children? Where are the babies?

One journalist’s visit to a boys’ compound may offer a clue as to why everyone but older boys are kept out of sight.

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