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Jimmy Carter – A Crisis of Confidence Speech – American Rhetoric

July 15, 2018

Excellent speech delivered to the American people by President Jimmy Carter on July 15, 1979. Trump has yet to even come close to this and probably never will through his tenure, though he very well may succeed in winning a second term. I dare say Trump’s accomplishments as President will never equal or exceed Carter’s. He certainly will not come close to what the man has accomplished in the years since he left the office. – RJC

Full text and audio mp3 of Jimmy Carter’s Address entitled “A Crisis of Confidence”

Source: Jimmy Carter – A Crisis of Confidence Speech – American Rhetoric

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  1. Jimmy Carter’s entire life has been a demonstration of feeling the pain and sharing the dreams of other people. And it took great character to heed the advice of critics, not to mention publicly talking about it on national television — to be held accountable for his follow-through. Humility is admirable and reassuring when exhibited by an actuallly great person. You are so right, Rick, Trump will never come within a light-year of Jimmy Carter.

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  2. Always enjoyed his “fireside” chats. President Carter mentioned speaking to Congress. What does Congress do these days with executive orders trampling all over the Constitution?


    • These days, every pin dropped in the Halls of Congress is heard distinctly by all in attendance. Republican disagreement with the Trump agenda has been largely muted, except for an occasional pointed comment made by some of the members who have decided to leave Congress at the conclusion of their current term. Even among those headed for the exits, disagreement does not translate into votes against Trump policy or legislation attempting to limit his powers in any way by invoking their own Constitutional authority on such measures.

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