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David Swanson: We Need a New Armistice Day + Transcript

October 16, 2018

Another eloquent post by David Swanson via Dandelion Salad blog. Before it was renamed Veterans Day, the holiday was called Armistice Day, in honor of the date of November 11, 1918 and the signing of the treaty that ended World War I. The War to End All Wars obviously did not achieve that lofty goal. We need to work together to end the use of violence and murderous force as a means of resolving conflicts. We need to stop glorifying war, those who fight and die in war, but especially those who profit enormously through the conduct of war with little or no risk to themselves.

Early on in his Presidency, Donald Trump sought to hold a very expensive and gawdy display of US military might in the form of a huge military parade. That is the last thing we need at this point in our history. We need reason to create a new holiday, one dedicated to celebrating an end to war and the dawn of a more peaceful and enlightened society – a true Armistice Day to replace a holiday that reminds us of how futile war has become as a means of resolving human conflict. The wars we have conducted recently and those we are continuing to fight today never seem to end and the only “victors” seem to be those profiting from the death and destruction while not physically endangering themselves at all. End them before they end us. – RJC


via David Swanson: We Need a New Armistice Day + Transcript

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