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I Call For A Constitution 2.0

December 17, 2018

Another great post from Dandelion Salad blog, from The Essays From the North by Rivera Sun.  We could certainly use a Constitution for a government that supports the rights and liberties of all people rather than the privileges of the few and their corporations. Given the way these things seem to go, however, I’m concerned that such an effort would go too far in the wrong direction and result in even greater social, political and economic inequality than we have now. Whether or not we could agree on a new Constitution that did away with the monstrous society that the current Constitution enabled and created one more in line with our professed moral values remains to be seen, but we can dream. – RJC

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  1. I wonder what kind of moral values most people would be dreaming of? I think implementation of some “constitution 2” would cause societal upheaval, but how could it possibly cause even greater inequity? When 3 men own half the wealth of the US, you’ve reached rock bottom.

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    • I suppose we could end up with fewer millionaires and more billionaires, along with more people living in poverty with fewer people even having the right to vote, among other possibilities.


      • True that. However it’s already happening with constitution 1 so it wouldn’t be any worse. Might even be better, depending who writes it up I suppose.

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  2. Thanks for the reblog, Rick.

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