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Big Pharma Holds My Life In Its Hands | by People’s Action

June 21, 2019

A true tale that is way too common in this country to remain unresolved. The exorbitant cost of life-saving prescription medications has been getting worse in recent years instead of improving. Big pharma holds the power of life and death over the heads of way too many people in this country. The Affordable Care Act did not fix it, nor did the Medicare Prescription coverage added under George W. Bush.

GOP proposals for repeal of the ACA under Trump have done nothing to even replace it, let alone do anything to provide for more affordable prescription drugs. Medicines that cost a forune to procure legally in this country are cheap and affordable by comparison in countries with advanced economies and saner approaches to health care than ours. We even go so far as to make it illegal to purchase cheaper prescription medications in Canada.

The time has come for Congress to stop propping up the enormous profits of Big Pharma and start providing for more affordable medications to improve the health, well-being and financial security of so many people in this society who are falling into the black hole of pharmaceutical companies who seek ever more protections from the US Government for their exorbitant profits. Pay more attention to the real needs of voters and less to the legal bribes (in the form of campaign contributions) of these companies to maintain a status quo that threatens the very lives of many of us on a daily basis. – rjc


My name is Carrie McBane, and I live in Sylva, North Carolina. I have Type 2 diabetes, so my life depends on daily access to drugs I can’t afford out of pocket…

Source: Big Pharma Holds My Life In Its Hands | by People’s Action

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  1. Canadian media is saying there is a massive inflow of Americans coming to Canada to have their prescriptions filled.

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  2. That is probably true. They would be foolish not to if they can.

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  3. John Nyck permalink

    In my opinion, Canadian prescriptions are a good alternative for expensive prescriptions.
    I am using Canadian Pharmacy ( to fill my prescription for the last 5 years. But the government should work on this regime to solve this problem. Sometimes you get tired from the system.


  4. quantez xihuitl permalink

    Do you think putting every American on a medical care for all tax paying system would force pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices?, Because the government would have to manage its budget according to the income tax system.


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