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The Deplorable Stain of the Detention Camps

June 27, 2019

The article linked to here is certainly a better representation of the views held by far more people in this country than the compassion-free demagoguery spouted by President Trump and illustrated by the treatment of innocent children seeking to escape insufferable conditions in their homelands. It’s a shame that such treatment at the hands of our government at the behest of its alleged leader is allowed to shape the way in which the world beyond our shores views us. Enough is enough. Stop the senseless cruelty and help these people rather than continue their undeserved abuse.

Thank you, Sally, for eloquently putting into words the outrage felt by so many of us the more we hear and see of the insanity being perpetrated in our names and with our tax dollars to further the aims of the Despot in Trump Towers as he rules for his temporary perch in the White House. More reason than ever to make sure he does not receive another term in office to wreak even more insane cruelty on the world’s most desperate and helpless people. – rjc

Envisioning The American Dream

Migrant children in Detention Centers 2019

There is a stench in America; a foul stain so deep on our country no amount of soap can wash it away.

The noxious stink emanating from our southern border is less from the unsanitary camps holding these poor abused migrant children, than from the rotting corrosion of our core values.

They are decaying in plain sight in the hot sun.

Trump and his sordid administration has sullied and befouled what our great country once stood for, and this may be the most heinous of all.

The bright and shiny post war country left to us by the greatest generation is now deeply tarnished, the dark layers of filth so widespread it feels unrecognizable. Our country has more than lost its luster. We have allowed our moral compass to crumble as we permit the inhumanity to continue to be perpetrated upon innocent children at these camps on our soil.


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  1. Thanks for re blogging this. I have to believe in my heart that the majority of Americans are outraged and sickened by what is going on, done in our names and our tax dollars being spent in the most heinous of ways

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  2. While I agree with the sentiments expressed, I can readily see that the vast majority of Americans really do not give a goddam about the situation on their southern border. If they did, there would be some real waves being created about it. Think Vietnam anti-war protests. The difference is that Vietnam was killing Americans, actually quite a few Americans, and there was a draft forcing Americans to do things they didn’t want to do when spending time at the beach or partying or studying for that coveted degree that would translate as big bucks or do drugs was more fund and safer. The border ‘problem’ isn’t threatening any American lives so why care? Yes, a few probably care but where are the angry crowds filling the streets day in, day out? Where the threat of general strikes? What sort of real plan is in place to dump Trump? Nothing. Silence. If there’s any cheering it’s happening in the sports arenas and at Trump rallies. Why do well meaning people seem to be satisfied with hopeful statements? Hope doesn’t change anything, only work does. (My rant)

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    • Typo: make that “more fun” and not “more fund”

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    • Steve A. permalink

      It may be very hard for you to believe, but some people protested the Vietnam War because they had ethical concerns over what was going on. They turned out to be correct — don’t you agree?

      And now people are sick and tired of Trump, and he’s far behind his competitor. Is that all right, ShaTara?


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