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Rebranding Walmart

August 12, 2019

Since Congress and President Trump seem totally unwilling or unable to do anything about mass shootings in this country, perhaps the time has come for We the People to take common sense actions to persuade who can do something to improve the situation and our safety from such attacks in the future. Following the mass murders in Dayton and El Paso, President Trump and a portion of his Merry Misfits (OBM Director and Acting Chief of Staff Nick Mulvaney comes to mind) rallied around the two factors that everyone knows are the real culprits of such events – mental illness and violent video games.

Walmart was quick to react to the shootings, ordering displays depicting violent video games and hunting videos be shut down or removed from viewing by customers. That does not mean the retail chain will stop selling the games or guns, but out-of-sight out-of-mind must work in this instance. Ever since this was brought to my attention by the local news, I have had terrible nightmares of insane gamers committing mass murders in popular public venues with Play Station and XBox controllers. Thank goodness this problem was solved by quick thinking and Mitch McConnell was not forced to end the Senate’s annual August recess to actually do some legislating. Goodness knows they would never come up with a solution to the mental illness red herring, either.

That Trump and his spokespeople continue to use the mental illness and video game memes to justify their continued subservience to a well-deservedly discredited NRA leadership should be viewed by most people as absurdly unacceptable. They must surely believe the general public to be incapable of seeing through such nonsensical explanations. The United States of America, among all nations on earth, is the one and only country that has violent video games creating these monsters and forcing them to go out, buy weapons and ammunition, then use this equipment to murder as many people as they can in as short a timeframe as possible.

Most, if not all, candidates for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination next year have spoken out and made concrete proposals designed to stem the tide. Trump, McConnell and the rest of our governmental obstructionists continue to distract, waffle and delay taking any action that requires more than a teleprompter and a press release to accomplish. For their part, many groups of ordinary people directly or indirectly affected by these all-too-frequent events are taking concrete steps to start to effectively change the equation.

The American Federation of Teachers has called for a boycott of Walmart until such time as they cease selling guns. Perhaps, if the powers that be continue to be as tone-deaf in the face of armed attacks on their own customers and employees as they have to date, losing a significant chunk of their business and profits to an organized boycott of its stores may cause them to rethink their inaction. If not, then perhaps Walmart should rebrand their business to Morons R Us. None of us needs the stress and fear of a potential domestic terror attack in order to simply shop for items we need in the course of living our lives.

The President’s reaction to these deadly attacks has been both insufficient and inappropriate. If he and his GOP-run Senate chose to deal with them with the sort of “business as usual” cavalier inaction we have witnessed to date, they all need to be sent home to pound sand so that problem solvers can go to work and make public places safe for the public again. That includes places of worship, places of commerce, schools and anywhere else we choose to gather to conduct our everyday lives.

I wish Mitch McConnell well in his recovery from the fall that resulted in his broken shoulder. It needn’t prevent him from doing his job as Senate Majority Leader. Surely, others in the past have worked in that august body with equal or worse health problems. The President deserves a vacation as well (though perhaps not as badly as we deserve a vacation from his antics). But they, along with the rest of our government, need to stop banging their heads against the wall and wondering why it hurts long enough to truly meet the obligations of their oaths of office.

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  1. Mills Tuttle permalink

    Gun Ownership Control- Training At Local National Guard Armories On Safety and Marksmanship, Plus a Mental Exam Before Ownership and License To Carry!!!🎉🇺🇸

    On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 6:49 PM Rcooley123’s Blog wrote:

    > Rick Cooley posted: “Since Congress and President Trump seem totally > unwilling or unable to do anything about mass shootings in this country, > perhaps the time has come for We the People to take common sense actions to > persuade who can do something to improve the situation and” >


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