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10 Ways We Pretend War Is Not a Crime and How to Change Them by David Swanson

August 29, 2019

Lengthy missive By David Swanson via Dandelion Salad blog describing the subject in the title. War Is a crime. We do need to stop pretending it is not and start learning to do without it before we do irreparable harm to humanity and the planet. Rationalizations may sooth the consciences of many but they do not alter the facts. With Trump, Putin and the various and sundry would-be and actual dictators ruling so much of the world, the risk of an actual apocalypse is greater than ever. – rjc

via 10 Ways We Pretend War Is Not a Crime and How to Change Them by David Swanson

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Rick. This is an excellent piece by David Swanson.

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  2. A great article, certainly. Too long? Also certainly. However I did read it, or most of it and “sped read” some of it I was already familiar with as to the arguments presented. I did not find the solutions mentioned but I do have one of my own that is guaranteed to work, and that is for every so-called “human” on planet earth to make a pact with her/himself to become an avatar of compassion, not in words but in deed. People of earth want to think of themselves as human but they are not, as this article makes plain. A human DOES NOT KILL another human and the most evolved humans do not take any life, for any reason. A human possesses a humane conscience. All obvious to me but then I get the growing feeling that, like ET I was left on the wrong planet. Only compassion practised by individuals, through self empowerment and never by groups or organizations, that being a contradiction, can ever give substance to the hope of ending war. Take it from an “alien” with a lot of experience in the matter.

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  3. I fully agree with the references to the UN. Our families fought the most hellish war from 1939-1945 and the UN was a solution to stop or re-think war. Worked relatively well until the 1970s even with those having a veto. Likely prevented a nuclear war in the 1960s.

    On another note Rick I have joined the temporarily suspended list on Twitter. The automated response when trying to log in was “it may take several days or longer”, Must be doing some things right 🙂

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    • Here is hoping you regain your Twitter account quickly, without having to create a new account. At least the blog posts you follow seem to still reach you. I’ve lost track of the number of times I have been notified of someone who followed my account only to find that their account had already been suspended when I try following them back. But Donald Trump continues to lambaste anyone and everyone who irks him with impunity.

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      • It took Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute two weeks after he was locked out. The auto response was “Your account appears to have exhibited automated behavior..”. I average 10-12 tweets a day while Trump and porn never stop. Canada is heading into an election with a very far right neocon running as leader of the Conservatives. Cons here are roughly equal to the far right of the Republicans. Not that I expect the Cons to deliberately report people to Twitter they know will ask questions lol


  4. I tweet a lot more than that, but I thought I was getting in trouble for following and unfollowing too much. It said automated but I was doing it all manually. It usually made me change my password but let me in right after I did so. Sometimes took over an hour to get my follows/following straightened out though. Good luck!

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    • Still locked out as of today. Whenever I ask to send to code the code never arrives. The mobile number on my profile is the correct one. I’m down to trying once a day.


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