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Fear, Paranoia, Trump, Evil, and the Absence Of Empathy

September 6, 2019

Another outstanding essay by Steven Dundas in his blog, Padre Steve’s World: Official Home of the Anti-Chaps. He nails the plethora of character shortcomings embodied by President Trump which leave him ill-suited for the office he has held since January 20, 2017 and for which he seeks re-election in November of 2020.

It is incumbent upon all of us for whom these glaring flaws are apparent to work as hard as necessary to insure that this President is not given another four years to fashion an even more nightmarish future than most of us foresaw when he burst on the American political scene as a candidate back in 2015. We need a government which will improve the lives of all Americans and the world as a whole rather than just Trump, his family and a relatively small group of oligarchs who have been benefiting at the expense of the rest of us to an ever increasing degree ever since he took office.

As I argued in an earlier blog post of my own recently, Trump must go. I never thought he belonged in the White House to begin with, and the totality of his actions to date has done nothing but strengthen my opinion in this matter. Polls appear to indicate I am not alone in this view. We need to not allow him to steal another election, and continue dismantling what remains of our democracy and civil liberties, for another four years of insulting and attacking us, while filling his pockets with our tax dollars. – rjc

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Every day that I see a tweet or hear President Donald Trump go into incoherent

streams of banal blathering I am reminded that the man has no ability to empathize with any other human being, even his family. It does not matter whether it is people suffering in a hurricane, people who have seen mass numbers of family and friends murdered by domestic terrorists, labeling racial and religious minorities as terrorists, criminals, animals, or vermin; or encouraging violence against political opponents and the press at his rallies, he always makes things about him, and plays to the fears of his base.

His lies are often whoppers and those he has been proven by many organizations to have lied or distorted the truth well over 10,000 times during his presidency, often to the detriment of his policies and programs, and which subvert the alliances and treaties…

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  1. We live in dark times.

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  2. Question for you Rick. Who is the alternative to Trump from the Democratic side?

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    • My personal preference would be Sanders or Warren, but I think any of the others would be preferable to Trump – as would Darth Vader, who is both fictional and dead.

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