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Paying for Privatized Governance Is Still a Tax

October 25, 2019

Another great essay from Mike the Mad Biologist addressing the endless debate concerning how to pay for Medicare for All. The bottom line is not whether we will all have to pay more in taxes. Rather, the bottom line will be how much we are paying for health care, who is served under the new system that is not currently covered and how many will live who otherwise would have died without adequate care.

Making a big deal about having to pay more taxes downplays the fact that your tax dollars will get more people better care than similar private insurance has been providing for the same overall cost. Democratic debates to this point have not done a particularly good job of explaining this. Mike does. My intro doesn’t do the essay justice. I invite all to read it for yourselves and make up your own minds which plan makes the most sense. – rjc

Mike the Mad Biologist

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a significant non-troversy over presidential candidate Sen. Warren’s refusal to state if ‘middle class people would see a tax increase’ (the phrasing is often different, but the idiocy remains constant). Leaving aside the reality that ‘middle class’ has no defined practical meaning in a political context, it’s still a stupid point. That said, Warren’s response wasn’t good, and she needs to up her game here.

After all, as some asshole with a blogTwitter feed noted, “Paying for privatized governance is still a tax.” It isn’t hard to make that point–Warren has done that with statements like this:

So the way I see this, it is about what kinds of costs middle-class families are going to face. So let me be clear on this. Costs will go up for the wealthy. They will go up for big corporations. And for middle-class…

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  1. Look north Rick to see the way every person is covered for healthcare. The cost is built into the taxes paid by individuals and corporations. I’ve also had the same MD for over thirty years. When I read the American top dogs talk about our healthcare they always say there are wait times. Yes a person may need to wait since life threatening and serious health problems are handled first. I did not wait for surgery, when the ambulance arrived at the hospital, after an accident that could have taken my life.

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  2. Totally agree with Dennis. Our system is not perfect but we are so, so grateful to have it. I remember being in the hospital with pneumonia when I was 9 year old and I cried to my mother with extreme guilt – I knew our family couldn’t afford my weeklong stay. She reassured me that we wouldn’t pay a dime (in fact, insurance through work pays for extra perks like a private hospital room or massage therapy). But at the age of 9, I’d already internalized the anxiety of medical bills, just absorbing it through American television. Isn’t that crazy. So happy to be here.

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