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Think Capone When It Comes to Trump’s Impeachment

November 12, 2019

This article points out comparisons of Trump with both Richard Nixon an Al Capone. Which do you think will more accurately resemble the fate of Donald Trump once all the hearings set to begin tomorrow and their aftermath (impeachment by the House and Senate Trial or otherwise) become the subjects of future historians? – RJC

While comparisons to Nixon are more obvious, the president in style and in some ways substance is more mobster than politician.

Source: Think Capone When It Comes to Trump’s Impeachment

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  1. maryplumbago permalink

    Good post. He’s soooo Capone

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  2. Yes, great post, and I believe he is much more like Capone than Nixon, with a much larger sounding board than either, not as smart as either, and MORE criminal than either. The damage he continues to do to our country will be felt for a long time, which is exactly the attention he wants.

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