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Compromising Possible Opponents: The Nazi Alliance With, and Later War Against the Churches, a Lesson for Today

November 24, 2019

Another outstanding opus from Padre Steve. The parallels between Hitler’s Germany and Trump’s America are scary indeed. We definitely want to prevent a similar fate here. – rjc

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Earlier in the week I began to write about the Nuremberg Trials and the opening statement of the American Chief Prosecutor, Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson. The first section was comprised his general remarks. The second dealt with the Nazi war against free organized labor. The third section presented here was the shortest part of his opening statement. It deals with the Nazi battle against the Churches.

The fascinating thing is that religious people and religious institutions are often the most unwavering in support of authoritarian regimes that often turn on them, because the Authoritarian can only allow one savior or God, and that would be him. Adolf Hitler was such a man. Saddam Hussein, Josef Stalin, the Salvadorian dictators, the Caesars, or any number of other men and women who wielded absolute power. Though Trump has not completely crossed the line into a full…

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  1. “Muscular Christianity of this kind appealed particularly to young men who despised the feminization of religion through its involvement in charity, welfare and acts of compassion. The traditional Pietist emphasis on sin and repentance, which dwelt on images of Christ’s suffering and transfiguration, was anathema to such men.”
    ~ I found this excerpt of special interest. It makes so clear the vital importance of the female voice in affairs of war and peace.

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    • Rafael Sanchez permalink

      This is not a question of gender but rather of how humanity should behave towards each other. A man can be strong and compassionate without being feminine.


      • What’s wrong with a man being “feminine”? Perhaps you mean effeminate? Then I can understand the comment.

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  2. Two things I know: history repeats itself; no one learns anything from history.

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