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Over the Edge with Donald Trump

December 2, 2019

As the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry reaches the public hearing phase, the evidence of impeachable conduct is becoming more widely publicized as more witnesses are willing to come forward to testify in defiance of the President’s and his White House advisors’ continued efforts to bury the truth. For his part, Trump never fails to disappoint with his seemingly endless stream of tweets denigrating anyone willing to withstand his assault on their integrity and human decency in general.

Trump preposterously claims to be paying no attention to the public hearings being conducted in the ongoing process that is the House of Representatives’ inquiry to determine whether or not to send Articles of Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump to the United States Senate for trial and conviction or acquittal there. His twitter feed since the public hearings began proves the falsehood of his denials – especially as he was tweeting insults and defamatory statements about the Ambassador to Ukraine he fired for getting in the way of his nefarious designs of using the government of that nation for his own political benefit. He was tampering with a witness while she was testifying in a public hearing about her knowledge of these events as his long-time associate, Roger Stone, was being convicted of similar conduct on his behalf in a court of law.

President Trump continues to steadfastly maintain his claim that Article II of the US Constitution gives him unlimited authority do as he wishes while exercising his Presidential decision-making powers. How dare Congressional Democrats and others seek to limit his authority in any manner whatsoever by exercising its own Constitutional oversight responsibilities? This whole enterprise, including the Congressional impeachment inquiry and the Special Counsel investigation of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential campaign, are mere witch hunts trying to hold back his attempts to Make America Great Again by fiat if Congress is so dimwitted as to refuse to pass the legislation he wants.

As the focus of the impeachment inquiry moves from the House Intelligence Committee’s fact-finding phase (which focused narrowly on the issues of alleged misconduct by Trump and his subordinates regarding the government of Ukraine) to the House Judiciary Committee to determine if impeachment is warranted and, if so, to draft Articles of Impeachment to debate and vote on in the entire House to send to the Senate for trial. The President has been invited by Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler to participate more directly in the process himself or in conjunction with his own legal team and other White House/Cabinet. This would include the ability to cross examine witnesses, call separate witnesses or even testify in his own defense. So far, indications have been that no such participation is being contemplated. In fact, Trump has gone so far as to whine about the fact that Congress will continue hearings while he galavants abroad pretending to act Presidential as he further spreads his unique blend of chaotic charm while further denigrating our European allies at the NATO Summit.

While it is important to note the significance of the testimony delivered publicly before the Intel Committee prior to Thanksgiving, it is also important to recall that the issues raised there and then are not the be all and end all of potential misconduct subject to forthcoming Articles of Impeachment which may be forwarded to the Senate for trial. The Mueller Report contains material potentially pertinent to charges – particularly on the subject of obstruction of justice. The President, along with his hired thugs running the Departments of State and Justice, have been anything but cooperative with any and all subpoenas for documents and/or testimony (public or secret) that need to be made available to determine how the conduct of the President and his Administration can be properly evaluated by both Congress and the American Public.

From the first time candidate Trump promised to release his income tax returns with the bogus excuse that he was being audited to this present time, President has claimed to be the most transparent candidate/President running the most transparent Administration in modern history. He has done nothing to provide any information to Congress or the American public voluntarily unless it could do no harm to himself politically or legally without a court order. Even faced with a court order to do so, he has still not complied if any course of appeal remained unexplored. Many see this as merely a tactic to delay the inevitable and run out the clock by stonewalling until it’s too late to affect the 2020 election.

The fact that nearly every single GOP member of the House and Senate(where they have a majority and 67 members would have to vote for conviction in an impeachment trial) is standing behind the President so far, despite how ludicrous their arguments have become. Using the argument during previous hearings that all of the evidence is hearsay is totally disingenuous, considering the fact that potential witnesses have refused to testify (even to the point of ignoring subpoenas) by either their boss, the President or both. The delay seems to be working, except for the fact that many are wondering why the President who so transparent has so much to hide. His tax records alone would probably tank his already historically low public opinion ratings. His corruption regarding emoluments and other activities capitalizing on using his office for personal financial and political gain would likely do so as well.

Hopefully, the ability of this President to hide his corruption from the American people and our elected representatives will come to an end before he is able to do irreparable harm to the many people whose interests he has been ignoring in favor of his own aggrandizement and self-glorification. It would also be nice to know what to expect in terms of world peace, national security and a livable world without the chaotic atmosphere Trump has ruled by since his inauguration. Public pressure must be brought to bear if there is to be any chance of cracking the GOP Senate’s blind support of a totally irresponsible and unfit occupant of the American Presidency. Stay tuned. The going is likely to stay rough for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Over the edge… indeed! It was heading there anyway but he brought it much closer and faster, so much so it will no longer be stopped. This is a stampede but only those trained in the art can recognize it. The “irreparable harm” has been done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He is currently at the NATO meeting doing what he thinks he does best.. trying to sell military weapons. Not having much luck due to the world-wide economic slide downwards. Seems all the money disappeared especially with the insider trading taking place in the New York. Do people want to hear the truth Rick?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Some of us want to hear the truth. I think the proportions tend to approximate his approval/disapproval ratings. I don’t see why anyone interested in the truth would approve of his behavior.


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