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Article: Impeachment by Christmas Equals Democratic Party Top-Down Suicide | OpEdNews

December 8, 2019

I agree with Rob Kall on this issue. Rushing to impeach without key documentary evidence and testimony under oath from key Administration officials will likely result in acquittal by the Senate on partisan lines. Trump’s political position will not suffer greatly (he’ll definitely win the GOP nomination again, and much of the information that is likely to deter his re-election will remain hidden).

Rewarding the utter stonewalling of legitimate Congressional Oversight by a President hell-bent on running roughshod over the Constitution, rigging elections with the help of foreign governments by ending the investigation without getting that information or at least settling the court cases created thereby leaves the President a big winner and the rest of the American People the big losers. Not only would it leave an authoritarian bully in charge for the remainder of this term, it may ultimately lead to at least another four years of an unfettered, unfit Trump go about his personal agenda with an even weaker Congress than he’s faced to this point.

Not only does this prospect damage our democracy during Trump’s reign, it would also set a precedent for future Presidents (if that is what future heads of state would even still be called) to continue to ignore the Constitutional checks and balances which have stood us in good stead for over two hundred years. We do not need any further erosion of our democracy, our voices in the political process as American citizens or our civil or human rights to the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

We need the investigation to get to the bottom and bring out all the skeletons in Trump’s political, financial virtual closets to full view of the American Public. A rigged election where voter suppression and secret activity that, if widely known would be just as widely condemned, will not solve the problems created by having a mobster who cares not a whit about the interests of the nation and its people as a whole, but first and foremost for his own authoritarian exercise of absolute power in charge of the United States of America. Make Congress and the Courts do their Constitutional duties, so Trump and all those who would seek to follow in his footsteps get the message that such conduct will not and should not be tolerated in this country. -rjc


Article: Impeachment by Christmas Equals Democratic Party Top-Down Suicide – If Nancy Pelosi decides to end the impeachment hearings by Christmas, as has been discussed, she will be engaging in one of the worst acts of political malpractice and stupidity in modern history.

Source: Article: Impeachment by Christmas Equals Democratic Party Top-Down Suicide | OpEdNews

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  1. I think this is a valid concern, but I also think that extending the impeachment process could be problematic. Firstly, it would allow Republicans to accuse Democrats of using impeachment as a political weapon against Trump heading into the election. Secondly, it would give Trump and his henchmen more time to obfuscate the process with countering conspiracy theories, etc. Thirdly, the case for impeachment has already been sufficiently established; and, it would be a gamble to assume that further evidence could sway Republican senators.

    Personally, I would want more time for all the evidence to be presented; but, I understand why House Democrats want to wrap this up now.

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  2. I read in The Nation magazine that, while we’re focused on DT45, the GOP has confirmed 158 life-term federal judges since the beginning of his presidency. Their average age is under 50. The column, “Signal:Noise,” concludes:
    “The GOP-controlled Senate is tying itself into knots to defend Trump because the party is playing for keeps: aiming to transform the courts, and by extension, American society and its values for generations.”

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  3. maryplumbago permalink

    Definitely what’s happening under the radar that is more important. I think trump know like fly says some outrageous things because he knows the media will focus on it for days and in the meantime, he can do much damage undetected.

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  4. maryplumbago permalink

    Damn auto correct! Knowingly

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