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Letter From President Trump Final

December 17, 2019

President Donald J. Trump, Commander-in-Chief and Master of Delusion, wrote and sent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the letter linked below with regard to his probable imminent impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives. Read and judge for yourself whether this man should remain in office or even be granted a second term by the voters. I may be biased, but I think we deserve better. – rjc


Source document contributed to DocumentCloud by Zach Basu (Axios).

Source: Letter From President Trump Final

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  1. maryplumbago permalink

    You know he didn’t write that….too big of words and too joined and constructive sentences.

    Probably Barr or some other servant…

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  2. Margie G. Martinez permalink

    Trump is like a wounded animal now…his growl is only to distract and attempt to fool the American people who already know what he represents. – Trump is the epitome of EGO. He will learn the hard way. He is NOT a king. He is a fraud and a failed businessman who doesn’t know how to govern WE THE PEOPLE according to the Laws of the Land and the Constitution! He must be IMPEACHED!


  3. Rick I remember when President Clinton was impeached and remained the President. I must admit this time with Trump I am very confused. I cannot find anyone writing about what this impeachment of Trump will mean. Can Trump carry on into the 2020 election?


    • Richard Bonnet permalink

      Yes, Trump can carry on into 2020 and be re-elected. Impeachment is basically an indictment of alleged crimes. He needs to be convicted in the Senate to be removed and that requires 67 votes.


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