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Trial or Error

January 11, 2020

2020 has arrived. President Trump is still impeached. He and we await his trial in the U.S. Senate. Exactly how this trial will unfold and when is still up in the air, but many statements have been made by key players in this drama which may lead to a result which does not necessarily lead to what most of us would consider to be justice. The monkey wrench he is currently throwing into the mix by seeming to try to orchestrate the opening moves of World War III, or at least a new and probably much bloodier war with Iran, adds to the distractions for the general public, the media and members of Congress.

For his part, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (affectionately known to many as “#MoscowMitch for his unfailing support for all things Trump, including his blind spot when it comes to Vladimir Putin and the motivations of the Russian government in general) has come out publicly voicing his intention to run the trial in concert with his Dear Leader, Donald Trump, and his team of advisors. This makes it a good thing that the Constitution gives the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court the role of presiding over the trial, not the Senate Majority Leader. Making such public statements certainly does not bode well for him living up to the oath he will take prior to that beginning of the trial promising the impartial pursuit of truth and justice in the trial.

McConnell is not alone in his pretrial partisan blustering for the defense of the President. Lindsey Graham, senator from South Carolina and one-time staunch opponent of Trump and erstwhile friend of Trump nemesis John McCain, has since become one of Trump’s biggest Congressional enablers. He has joined the bandwagon of those calling this entire impeachment proceeding a farcical witch hunt which needs to be resolved in the most expeditious manner possible completely exonerating the President of any and all accusations of impropriety. Nothing would make these people happier than to just hold a quick party line vote to end the trial with an acquittal without hearing any witnesses or being presented with any documentary evidence that was not provided the House of Representatives in the inquiry held prior to the production of the Articles of Impeachment requiring the Senate trial.

Perhaps people have become so used to the nonsense being emitted by Trump and his subordinates that many agree with his view that sham being plotted by McConnell, Graham and company constitutes a fair trial. It does not, and events need to not follow that particular script. Historically speaking, Trump has fought tooth and nail every step along the way to prevent any and all information regarding the events leading to his impeachment from reaching either those charged with investigating them or, most importantly, the American people, who he plans to con into giving him at least another four years to line his pockets and destroy much of the world in the process. By refusing to provide documents or permit anyone with first-hand knowledge to testify either publicly or behind closed doors, he has surpassed even that great cover-up expert Richard Nixon himself when it comes to either obstruction of justice or obstruction of Constitutional Congressional oversight of the executive branch of our government.

The fact that, with the collusion of McConnell and the GOP’s senate majority, Trump has been able to push through enormous numbers of judicial nominees (which were denied Obama – remember Merrick Garland?) as well as fighting subpoenas and requests for documents through the court system to the fullest extent possible – including appealing all the way to the Supreme Court – indicates to many that he certainly thinks he has plenty to hide, believes he should be deemed above the laws that the rest of us are subject to, or both. Either way, Trump is denying the American people of information we need when deciding for whom to vote in the next election, while simultaneously refusing to fulfill the oath of office he took when inaugurated. He seeks to continue to press forward with an agenda that does not serve the interests of the people he is pretending to lead and threatens the well-being of people both here and abroad.

The American people need and deserve the information that may only be accessed by obtaining the documents our Fearful Leader refuses to supply and/or the testimony of individuals he has forbidden to provide it. This is, and should be, unacceptable in a society that prides itself on its democratic principles and provision of justice, equality and inalienable civil and human rights for all. Trump certainly does not deserve the right or continued opportunity to continue to push an agenda, both domestically and in foreign policy, that worsens the human conditions of far more people than it benefits (his self-laudatory claims to the contrary are, to say the least, greatly exaggerated). Millions of more people voted for people other than Donald J. Trump for President than voted for him. He has no mandate to impose his personal agenda on us as he seeks to claim as his right. The time to end this nonsense has long since past. If he cannot be convicted and removed by the Senate from the office of the Presidency, Donald Trump needs to be summarily dismissed at the ballot box (metaphorically speaking) in November. In the meantime, we all need to fight to prevent him from creating new dangers for humankind and the planet on which we live.

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