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Trump’s march towards dictatorship/fascism speeds up as Americans exercise what’s left of democracy

February 13, 2020

Great information from Robert A. Vella’s “The Secular Jurist” blog relating to President Trump’s redoubled attacks on America’s democracy since Mitch McConnell’s GOP Senate gave him a pass (for now) in his sham impeachment trial. We need to reign in his authoritarian style of “leadership” and reclaim our government before the situation becomes even more dire. This means, in my view, voting him out of office in November (as a worst case scenario) if we can’t remove him sooner.
– rjc

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Two contrasting events occurred yesterday in the U.S.  Attorney General William Barr, evoking nightmares of Adolf Hitler’s brutal police enforcer Heinrich Himmler, overrode the criminal sentencing recommendations of federal prosecutors in the trial of Roger Stone who just happens to be a close ally of President Trump.  In response, the four prosecutors resigned in protest.  Their recommendation that Stone be sentenced to 7-9 years after being convicted last November on all seven counts he was charged with – which included making false statements to investigators, obstructing a congressional probe, and witness tampering – was well within the federal sentencing guidelines for such crimes.  As we shall see in the following links, this isn’t the first time that Trump and Barr have usurped the Department of Justice’s constitutional duty to uphold the rule of law for blatantly personal and political reasons.  However, it is the…

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