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President Out-of-Control

March 8, 2020

Post-Impeachment Donald Trump is Pre-Impeachment Donald Trump on steroids. Being basically released from any Congressional oversight as he was by the sham trial concocted by him in collusion with Mitch McConnell and almost the entire GOP majority in the US Senate (at least for the foreseeable future – save for faint hope that some of the legal obstacles that he has placed between him and real oversight may ultimately be decided against his wishes) has left him room to move against his perceived enemies and concentrate on consolidating his vision of how he has some Constitutional right to do anything he pleases without subjection to any kind of accountability to Congress, the law or even the American People.

The news cycle is actually helping Trump in these endeavors. Such events as the coronavirus outbreak and the inevitable political machinations surrounding the coming election and the selection of his opponents in this year’s election are eclipsing his antics to a great degree. This must drive him nuts at times – having other people steal the limelight for however brief a period of time due to the results of debates and primaries and such that do not directly involve him – but it also distracts attention from what he’s up to. His response to the coronavirus has been downright atrocious, especially as he has been speaking of the situation in terms of political appearances instead of human decency and compassion for the victims. Apparently, he is among those of us who never learned that everything is not about him. The rest of the world is not beholden to the goal of making life go as Donald Trump demands. People have needs and desires that do not and should not revolve around what makes Donald Trump look good and improves his chances of remaining in office and constantly expanding his own personal power.

Purging his Administration of any semblance of sanity by replacing people for doing their jobs despite the fact that  doing so made him seem somewhat less than perfect in every way is no way to run a government – even for someone as authoritarian in nature as he has projected himself to be throughout his life. Having a make-believe cabinet to disguise the fact that he thinks the only one capable of doing everything correctly is himself only fools himself and those (albeit they number in the millions) who swallow everything he says and does hook, line and sinker. He has systematically dismantled the intelligence community and Department of Justice from the top down. He continues a penchant for appointing “acting” cabinet members to replace Senate confirmed people with others more willing to sell their souls to do his bidding.

Like DOJ and the intelligence communities, the State Department, under the guidance of Mike Pompeo, has likewise suffered the fate of having career officers fired or otherwise replaced by acolytes more subservient to the desires of a despot than the people and the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend. Perhaps to a lesser degree (or less obviously) the same is true of the rest of the department falling under the purview of the Executive Branch of our government. The same can be said of the Courts, which he and McConnell are proud of doing their utmost to pack full of lifetime judges bound and determined to undermine decades worth of jurisprudence in subservience to a power-hungry Chief Executive.

The Donald Trump now residing at 1600 Pennsylvania now more closely resembles the monarch our predecessors deposed with their Declaration of Independence and subsequent war to make it a reality, as well as any number of despots, monarchs and dictators he counts among his friends, than he does previous Presidents of the United States of America. Wishful thinking on the part of people like Susan Collins, who had the opportunity to burb his appetites through the impeachment process – that it taught him a lesson and he’ll act differently in the future – have been proven horribly, though predictably, wrong. The only way to prevent Donald Trump from abusing power is to remove it permanently from his grasp. Congress and the GOP have proven themselves either unwilling or unable to perform that task so far. It seems to be left to the American People as a whole to thwart his less than honorable intentions in this November’s elections, while acting as necessary to curb his excesses (and get Congress and the Courts to do likewise, as provided for in the Constitution) until that election occurs.

I, for one, didn’t sign up to serve the interests of a dictator. We were raised to value democracy, self-government, equality and civil and human rights. Donald Trump and his followers offer us none of those. The time to take back our government has arrived.   


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  1. Indeed, the election is our last realistic chance to stop this slide into autocracy.

    This must drive him nuts at times – having other people steal the limelight…

    In a word, megalomania.

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  2. I’ve recently noticed Hillary Clinton is back on the front page. Hoping for the sake of everyone in the US and on the planet she is not going to make life difficult for the Democratic Presidential candidates again.

    It will be interesting to see how Trump handles the $30.00/barrel price of oil as of today.

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